Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Toilet humor, and some unrelated issues.

More tabs I don't want to part with, which I shall save by sharing here. Lucky you.

Top Ten Toilets*

Best Flush Toilet Ever

But really, flush toilets need to go.**
       A note on this article: I am of the opinion that a person should be aware of the definitions of the words that he or she chooses to use. I'm sure I've made mistakes of this genre before, but really: infinitesimally?
"And in some Indian villages, simple latrines have been built that separate waste and use it to produce compost and fertilizer at a per capita cost infinitesimally lower than any waste management budget in the West."

 Infinitesimally lower? Really? So what you're saying here is that despite their lack of capital and the fact that they don't flush with water and use their waste to produce substances which are actually useful, their per capita waste-management cost is pretty much the same as ours here in the U.S. Well that's good to know. Guess we can just stick with our good old "throwing money down the toilet" system we've got going on now. What a relief.

And the unrelated:
The ongoing battle of rights vs safety, and whether more rights equals more safety, and what constitutes reckless endangerment, and how many hairs can we split in trying to get our way?

*Has anyone here seen Trainspotting? I have not. I know nothing about it. What's the deal?

**I have too much self respect to give*** solid form to the pun that's dangling right here.

***But not too much to write that unforgivable footnote.


  1. i think people in general need to pay more attention to what their words mean.

  2. Even though I sometimes use words and grammatical forms with more regard to their popular meaning than their technical meaning, I agree.