Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend retreat; poor communication

About the paint: well, I forgot to give him my cell phone number (or perhaps I thought he had it), and though I asked for his, he didn't give it to me. I suppose it's possible that he legitimately doesn't have one, though that seems unlikely. I discovered tonight that he's been leaving me messages on my parents' home phone--you know, the one I never use and that no one ever calls me on, with the answering machine we almost never check--since Tuesday, asking me to give him a call. So that's really cool. Personally I feel that when the answering machine messages failed to get a response he could have maybe driven the half mile to where I've been working and spoken to me, or left a note, but maybe that's asking a lot. I admit and accept that I am speaking at least partially out of defensiveness right now. I don't like to disappoint people and I get really angry when things happen or fail to happen based on really f-ing stupid issues like calling the wrong phones or failing to trade numbers.

The weekend was pretty nice, though I was a bit moody. More so underneath than on the surface I think, because I didn't sleep well: I had bad dreams (not nightmares; just stressful, confusing, upsetting, bad) both nights, and woke up angry and upset each time. I didn't sleep enough either, of course. I never do and I'm even worse when I stay at Jimmy and Missy's and especially with Kelly, because the tv is on and so I watch it. Even if I escape that, I stay up reading. I really need to get over this. It is not excusable.

But the puppies are beginning to waddle around now, and they are adorable. The leaves have begun to change and the mountains are beautiful. The retreat group that came was small, and everyone was very nice and very enthusiastic about caving, climbing, and rappelling. They invited us to their meals (I wish we'd gone, but I didn't drive so it wasn't really my call) and took advantage of the campfire ring, the basketball court, and even the swim hole, despite the temperature. They were a really great group.

I don't feel very well. Goodnight.

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  1. Boo for poor communication and bad dreams. But yay for putting those things behind you! Or, at least it sounds that way?
    Anyways, hope you feel better!