Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have no excuse.

I may have just emailed the skater from that video* I posted earlier. Something along these lines:

Dear Kilian Martin:

Based on your smile, your badass skateawesomeness dancing ability, and the fact that we are roughly the same age, I would like to propose marriage to you. Or, alternatively, a depressingly brief email exchange during which you (should you so choose) try to be polite, and I amuse myself by emailing a perfect stranger who, evidently, lives in Spain.

Please forgive me; I do stupid shit like this after 1 am. [Almost added: I also proposed to the guy who draws xkcd.] For real though, you seem cool. Thank you for making super sweet skating videos. I don't even skate, and you've made a convert of me. High five?

Most sincerely,

Sometimes I wish people would do things like this to me. They don't though, so I do it to other people instead. I wonder whether they appreciate it, or whether I'm just weird. Or both; I could accept both. I fb friended the buttercupfestival.com artist with a similar email, only he's already married so I didn't propose.

*In case anyone is interested, the director who I assumed was a teen (I assumed they were both in high school, whoops) is a professional freelancer. In addition to skate vids he does music videos and commercials and such.


  1. So by 'may have' should we assume you actually did? In which case you are either A) amazing, or B) absolutely insane.
    I recognize that these two criteria are not, strictly speaking, mutually exclusive - but shall treat them as though they are for the moment.
    That being said, in this instance I might be leaning towards the A. :-)

  2. Oh, I absolutely did. And thanks. :) I got a brief "let's talk later" email and a friend request for my trouble. I'm now one of about 1300 though, so I'm guessing he's just the fb friending type. As am I. So that works out alright.